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Is Everyday Fit™ a Military Grade Stress Buster?

Aside from the great taste, zero sugar and hydrating benefits Everyday Fit™ -- there is a key performance ingredient that the US Military issues and uses to combat battle fatigue, cognitive decline and stress induced memory loss.

Picture this…

You are on a 12 mile ruck (weighted hike) during a blizzard approaching enemy fire lines and you need to put in the exact coordinates for extraction…

Can’t relate?

Ok, picture this instead… You’ve been up since 3am because the baby won’t sleep, you have a full day of work, errands, you still need to make dinner, pick up the kids from practice, and find time to work exercise.

You need to think clearly, juggle multiple tasks and simply can’t afford to “forget” something important…

If it works for the US Military it would probably work for you right?

Introducing L-Tyrosine an amino acid (amino acids are building blocks for protein) which is found in many high protein foods.

It serves as a precursor to the brain chemicals dopamine (our feel good chemical), norepinephrine (NOT-adrenaline) and epinephrine (Adrenaline) which help regulate arousal and anxiety (flight or flight).

When you are under stress your tyrosine levels fall and performance deteriorates -- foggy thinking, “I forgot”, clumsiness, poor motor function, inability to think clearly and fatigue begins to set in.

Studies have shown that supplementing with L-Tyrosine significantly reduces cognitive decline due to environmental stress and allows patients to think clearly and work more effectively when fatigued.

Why was this included in Everyday Fit™?

It’s obvious isn’t it?

Stress, poor choices and fatigue are the leading causes of habitual bad habits like snacking, junk food, lazy food choices, and unnecessary weight gain -- as we “do” more our body battery gets exhausted and our focus and willpower begin to drain.

This is typically why the worst food choices take place later in the day… ice cream, cookies, chips and anything tasty before bed is the the #1 sabotaging factor of weight loss.

Few people wake up first thing in the morning and eat like an a-hole -- it is usually at the end of the day when the “battle fatigue” sets in.


Everyday Fit™ to the rescue!

Paired with Mucuna Pruriens Extract - (remember this is the feel good habit forming nutrient) -- L-Tyrosine & Mucuna Pruriens Extract, make up our our “Mood and Satiety Blend” in Everyday Fit™ and bust stress and help reward healthy habit loops so you can think clearly and stay on track with your health and fitness goals.

… And because it’s STIMULANT FREE you can drink this all day without interrupting a healthy nights sleep.

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