Junk Food, Negative Thoughts and How To Make Lasting Changes

junk food

Let’s be honest. To get further in life it’s going to all depend on the thoughts you choose and fight to keep in your mind. That’s why everyone knows it’s truly best to put only the right thoughts in your mind and at all times.  

But the real problem for you and I along with everyone else is that despite us all knowing that we need to keep positive thoughts in our minds, how do we go about consistently achieving that? 

"Simple but not easy" - Richard Oldfield

We're going to answer this question and more in todays post. 

So it goes that whatever ideas you’re putting in your head are going to produce your reality by design. Whether good or bad thoughts, this is why everyone needs to be careful about the thoughts that are flowing through our minds.

In short, your internal thoughts directly create your outside experiences so you need to feed your mind positive thoughts and ideas and work hard to never feed your mind negative ones.

Let’s take the following as a truly practical example to better show you how thoughts are creative.  

Maybe you or someone else you can relate to is constantly dreaming of how to become more fit and healthy. Now at the same time, it’s highly likely long established negative thought patterns are going to be present in your mind. 

These thoughts are real and take physical effects on your mind, ultimately keeping you from reaching your desired goal.  

This should get you thinking about how to overcome old thought patterns and recreate new ones.  

For starters, visualizing the right ideas on a consistent and daily basis is one of the most practical and effective first tools to use. 

But this requires clarity on the top four to seven life goals you have. With clarity, you’ll eventually build a magnetically attractive mind that creates your desired outcomes. A great example of a few life goals successful people have in common are faith, family, fitness, finances, community, kindness.

Junk Food, Zero Value and Ways To Avoid Negative Thoughts

You have to remember bad thoughts are much like “junk food” for the brain. We all know junk food is bad for you and has no value for you whatsoever. 

The reason I’m sharing this is because there’s no value in seeing bad news, drama, negativity, hate or any other destructive thought  in your mind. 

Mr. Henry Ford, the businessman who created the Ford Motor Company is known for once saying, “Whether you believe you can or you can’t, you’re right” .  If you don’t believe you can do something, how can you expect to follow through with it?

So this is another solid example of why you and I need to be careful about what we think and what we say, and we need to exercise as much caution as we do when being careful about what we’re putting in our bodies.  

When bad thoughts start entering your head remind yourself there is no value in bad thoughts. If there’s no value then tell those negative thoughts to kick rocks!

Picture yourself doing what you want to be doing, and you can start taking steps to do it. The mind has a way of revealing plans and thoughts to you as you begin taking more and more action.

Practical Habits to Help Keep Your Mindset Strong

Your mindset plays a vital part in how you deal with life and it’s changes. Just like when you’re facing a big challenge like  living a healthier lifestyle.  

The hack here after you’ve visualized you’re specific desired outcome, is to begin scheduling your workout days, and  prepping meals in advance. 

This helps save your brain's energy by not having to think of and then battle daily questions of what to eat and when to exercise.  

Planning helps allow your mind to save it’s power and focus on your bigger, more important goals.

You know you’re capable of improving your mindset so that  you can create the future you truly desire. 

One more practical tip that helps you is to focus on the adventure and not the end game. So many people only want to get to the finish line as fast as they can but without doing the consistent hard work over time. 

Passion also helps with developing a positive mindset. Most everybody doesn’t have clarity on what exactly  they want to do in life. When you one hundred percent clarity on what you’re passionate about and you start taking action and following your passion. 

Eventually the small positive wins will start to add up. So truly go after your passion, go after the things you want to do in life. It’s your life and only you can seize the day and make positive change happen because no else is going to do it for you.

Drop a comment below and share how your positive and negative thoughts impact your current success level in life.