How Your Favorite Foods Are Ruining Your Nutrition

How Your Favorite Foods Are Ruining Your Nutrition

I grew up eating whatever I wanted. Not because there was no structure or rules in the house, but because no one in my house was overweight and everyone looked healthy.

When you couple that perception with the fact that access to health & nutrition information wasn’t ready available, you develop habits that are hard to break because you don’t know any better.

For me growing up in the 80’s in a middle class family, with two working parents, nutrition wasn’t at the forefront of our everyday lives.

We ate our vegetables, but they usually came out of a can soaked in water. I often ate my rice with butter and sugar! 

Breakfast was sugary cereal, oatmeal or cream of wheat with my oatmeal being more like butter, sugar and a few oats. That’s the way I grew up eating it and there was no other way.

Playing youth sports year around since I was 6, I had all the opportunities to burn off whatever I put into my body as my body was always in motion and I was always outside (because in the 80’s unlike today, there were no iphones and ipads or youtube) doing something physical. 

Fast forward ten years  made it through high school, my family still looks healthy, I look healthy and you couldn’t tell me there was anything I needed to do differently with my diet.

Now I’m playing college football and I’ve gotten this far eating what I wanted and I felt like I was doing good enough.

Up until this point, outside of protein shakes, I had never thought about trying to match my diet with all the hard work I put in in the gym.

I was hustling backwards. So to change this, I decided to make change in my nutrition by starting with my favorite meal of the day, breakfast. I would eat breakfast 3 times a day if I could, probably because my breakfast usually contains sugar.

Remember how I used to eat my oatmeal? I was still eating with butter and sugar. 

My idea of a change is using BROWN sugar instead of cane sugar, that was my big idea. This wasn’t good enough and I knew it. How can I possibly eat oatmeal and make it taste good without butter and sugar? I did a quick google search and instantly figured out that there’s a bunch of ways to make oatmeal delicious, actually even better.

I just simply threw in a bunch of things I already liked to make taste sweet without using cane sugar.

Peanut butter, bananas, granola, berries and even some protein powder if I wanted. It kind of blew my mind.

Not that I didn’t know all these things could go in my oatmeal, but that it tasted way better and would benefit me in ways that I never thought mattered. 

The biggest thing I noticed is how much more energy I had throughout the day and how making that change made it easier to apply this change to other parts of my diet thus allowing my body to perform at a higher level.

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