The Truth About Gatorade...

The Truth About Gatorade...

Michael Jordan. When hearing that name many might think of a hall of fame basketball star, shoe mogul, or the face of Gatorade in the early ’90s. No matter what thought that comes to our minds is, we all wanted to be “Like Mike.”

Hardworking, perseverant, and hydrated by one of the most popular sports drinks around. But was that sports drink helping Michael reach the next level of his physical ability, or was he being capped by the colorful concoction?

According to Gatorade’s website, the drink “was born in the lab” to help athletes reach their full potential in competition (think Michael Jordan in game 7, Mike Tyson in the 9th round, or Tom Brady in the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl), but how does it translate to the everyday people like me and you? Well, not very well, to be honest. 

Before we bash on Gatorade (or any sports drink of its kind) we’re here to say it does solve a very valuable issue… & that issue is hydration.

Hydration And Gatorade 

Look at it this way, the human body is made up of roughly 60% water, and you lose about one liter of fluid per hour of standard exercise - which means you have to continuously drink it to maintain your hydration.

What Gatorade aims to do is shrink the amount of water we need to consume by adding sugars, sodium, and potassium. A study from the University of California at Berkeley actually states that “sports drinks might be better than water for children and athletes who engage in prolonged, vigorous physical activity for more than one hour, especially in hot conditions.”

However, people who exercise for less than 60 minutes may not need to drink Gatorade. So yes, Gatorade does solve an issue and solves that issue in the fastest way possible - delivering electrolytes to your body which helps you stay hydrated. 

The Negative Side Effects Of Gatorade

What does Gatorade do wrong? One word… sugar. A 20 oz serving of your favorite flavor of Gatorade contains a whopping 36 grams of sugar - which is 9 more grams than a Red Bull, 12 more grams than a glass of Kool-Aid, and 2 more grams than a piece of Chocolate Mousse Pie (!).

This sugar can cause weight gain, increased risks of heart disease and cancer, and can actually drain your energy instead of helping you finish your workout. What a crazy thought… you work hard for 60 to 90 minutes a day only to have your weight stay the same through these sugary drinks.

Even the sugar-free Gatorade is not the best. It is sweetened with sucralose - but we can take about how bad that is later.

The truth about Gatorade is that it never was intended for the public to use (In fact, the original sports drink was developed to help replenish carbohydrates and electrolytes in high-intensity athletes at the University of Florida in 1965, and was only a mixture of water, salt, and sugar).

The Best Alternative To Gatorade: EVERYDAY FIT™

Hopefully, this is enough to knock you off the Gatorade bandwagon. But you just worked out, you're thirsty, and can’t get over the boring taste of water. Now what? We did the research and laid out the top 3 alternatives for you! 

Infused Water - Infused water is any combination of water with fruits, vegetables, and herbs. With infused water, you aren’t only seeing the benefits of drinking water, but you are also seeing the added benefits of the vitamins and minerals pulled from the fruits vegetables, and herbs, as well as the amazing flavor combinations you can create!

However, these waters are known to carry a lot of sugar, and they take a while to prepare.

Coconut Water - Low calories, low sodium, free of cholesterol, and packed full of potassium, coconut water could be an awesome alternative. However, since it is so low in carbs and sodium it may not benefit you in your workout. Not to mention the taste is a little less than stellar (don’t get us started on the texture). 

Everyday Fit™ - Here’s a curveball for you. Many of you haven’t heard of Everyday Fit™, but let us educate you real quick! Everyday Fit™ is Trulean Nutrition’s revolutionary hydration formula that tastes delicious (6 amazing flavors you’ll never get bored of), curbs appetite, enhances mood, and fills you with electrolytes all while using sugar-free sweeteners such as stevia and monk fruit.

Nothing artificial, no dyes or colors, just 100% all-natural hydration formula that you can enjoy all day every day. Everyday Fit™ will leave you feeling less like the Kool-Aid Man, and more Like Mike. 

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