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Did you know that EVERYDAY FIT does more than just hydrate? It's filled with some very intentional vitamins and minerals to help you succeed in your health and fitness journey.

Because we know that no matter how badly you want to lose weight, to have energy and to love the body you are in, the demands of work, kids, and the responsibilities of life have a way of getting in your way.

Do you struggle with emotional eating, drinking wine too often, skipping workouts, not drinking enough water, brain fog, forgetfulness, and frustrations at work?

These stress-induced roadblocks tend to happen when your body systems are running on fumes and the system is on the fritz. Kind of like when your phone battery is so low that it goes into “low-battery” mode and capabilities are diminished. 

It makes sense, from a scientific standpoint, for these reasons:

1. You are dehydrated

Dehydration creeps up when you haven’t been putting intention behind drinking adequate water throughout your day. It’s very easy to become dehydrated, and upwards of 75% of the population is in a chronic state of dehydration. 

Being dehydrated is a problem since your body needs proper hydration to run smoothly. This can lead to breakdowns in your physical and mental health. 

2. Your L-Tyrosine levels are low

L-what?! L-Tyrosine is a stress regulator that lowers the impact of bad stress. This amino acid regulates your fight or flight response and helps you to stay focused, alert and coordinated. 

When your L-Tyrosine levels begin to drop your thinking becomes foggy, you get clumsier, and a feeling of fatigue comes over you. Low L-Tyrosine is linked to making poor eating choices and feeling tired and cranky. 

3. Your L-Dopa levels are low

Whether you know what L-Dopa is or not, you experience the effects of dopamine (of which L-Dopa is a precursor) on a daily basis. 

It works like this...when you achieve or indulge in something your brain releases dopamine as a feel-good chemical to reinforce the habit. 

When your friend tells you that your hair looks great => dopamine is released.

When you step on the scale and you’ve lost weight => dopamine makes the moment magical!

However, we have far easier ways to access dopamine, ways that do NOT help us towards health and fitness. 

When you give in and eat that burger and fries => dopamine makes it even tastier. 

When you open that bottle of wine and take that first sip => dopamine makes your stress evaporate. 

Low levels of L-Dopa can lead you to make some regrettable choices, as you chase that next release of dopamine. 

This is exactly why we created EVERYDAY promote healthy hydration and a boost of L-Tyrosine and L-Dopa, in addition to over a dozen other vitamins and minerals. 

That’s right, EVERYDAY FIT contains L-Tyrosine and L-Dopa so sipping it all day long has dramatically helped me to make fewer and fewer regrettable decisions like the ones I shared above!

It has also helped me to lose unwanted pounds and effortlessly maintain a healthy weight by keeping me hydrated and keeping my “body battery” charged. 

And just like you’ve come to know about all TRULEAN products, EVERYDAY FIT contains zero artificial sweeteners, fillers, or harmful ingredients. 

Just pure, impactful ingredients meant to enhance your health and fitness, with flavors you will crave. 

Here’s to less stress and fewer regrets! 

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