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Accelerate Your Fat Burning, Gains, And Jaw-Dropping Results

Battle Ready Peak Performance Bundle

Get the 30-day Battle Ready Peak Performance Bundle for 50% off to help you... 

  • Transform your body into a fat furnace incinerator.
  • Create an eye-catching physique that has a demanding presence when you walk into a room.
  • Accelerate your results by doing less.

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Cleanest and best tasting protein I’ve had. Doesn’t bloat and tastes awesome! Highly recommend 

Brad C.

Premium Protein

I have been using Everyday Energy now for a few years and it is outstanding. I use it before workouts and it does not feel the same if I leave the house without taking it. I do recommend this product.

Jeffrey M.

Everyday Energy

The wellness shot helps me recover from hard workouts and keeps my immune system up for the crazy times we live in! Love to take 2 a day!

Trent J.

Wellness Shot

Become A Battle Ready Man Today By Focusing On The 3 Phases Of Peak Performance

The Battle Ready man is a hard-driving results-oriented no bullshit man, driven to dominate in life. 

He cares about his HEALTH because he knows that his body is the vehicle to make a massive impact, make more money and be the example of fitness for his friends and family. 

He leads by focusing on the 3 phases of peak performance:

  1. Fat Burning to stay shredded and lean.
  2. Muscle Building to protect others and effortlessly bust through stubborn fitness plateaus.
  3. Maximizing Testosterone to generate explosive gains… in what feels like the blink of an eye.

But more on those in a moment.

Because operating in these 3 phases of peak performance is useless if you fall into these... 

3 Common Traps That Turn Your Peak Performance Into Weak Performance

Weak Performance Trap #1: Excess Estrogen

Excess Body Fat is not fun to look at. It’s embarrassing and it shows low self-control. 

If a man has trouble regulating his food intake he more than likely has trouble controlling his other vices. 

Other than the physical appearance EXCESS FAT means excess ESTROGEN. 

Symptoms of Excess Estrogen:

- Performance issues (can’t get it up, stay hard or has no interest in sex at all).

- Low energy to do anything throughout the day.

- Moody or in a constant state of anxiety.

A man having excess estrogen is losing the battle before it even begins. This is why so many men are struggling both physically and mentally today.

Weak Performance Trap #2: Irritating Inflammation

You’re probably familiar with the term inflammation, but if not inflammation is a natural bodily response to repair damaged cells. 

However, this is not the problem. Most men suffer from some form of chronic inflammation where the cells in the body are in an aggravated state due to excess estrogen, poor lymphatic drainage, diet, lifestyle, stress and years of inactivity. 

Chronic inflammation is the root cause of disease, sickness and an array of chronic health concerns… 

The most disturbing piece about chronic inflammation is you can’t always see it! But you can FEEL IT. 

Do any of these things FEEL familiar?

- Indigestion

- Gas/Bloating

- Low energy

- Extra time feeling sore after a workout

- Unmotivated

If any of these feel familiar your potential is being limited by irritating inflammation.

Weak Performance Trap #3: Sorry Sleep

The scientific term for Sorry Sleep is sleep deprivation. 

Getting less than 7-8 hours of sleep a night is medically considered sleep deprivation. 

Sleep deprivation is directly related to...

- Depression

- Low sex drive

- Heart attack

- Diabetes

- Obesity

Shocking re-discovered research shows men are more vulnerable to sleep deprivation than women. 

It’s not a shocker because strong men are pressured to protect and provide. Some may say this is sad, but pressure is a privilege. 

Men are designed to handle pressure, but they're not designed to get Sorry Sleep that impairs them mentally and physically.

Now you have seen how these weak performance traps can cripple your ability to operate in peak performance.

To help you never fall into one of these traps again, I created a way for you to maximize each phase of peak performance.

Introducing The New Battle Ready Peak Performance Bundle Guaranteed To Help You Combat Excess Estrogen, Irritating Inflammation, and Sorry Sleep To Reach Peak Performance…

Battle Ready Peak Performance Bundle

Get the 30-day Battle Ready Peak Performance Bundle for OVER XX% to help you... 

  • Transform your body into a fat furnace incinerator.
  • Create an eye-catching physique that has a demanding presence when you walk into a room.
  • Accelerate your results by doing less.

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Take Closer Look Of What’s Inside

Frosted Vanilla Cake Whey Protein

  • Designed to build lean muscles.
  • Formulated to help you recover faster and combat inflammation.
  • Essential nutrients to ramp up your metabolism.
  • 24g of 100% Grass-Fed Whey Protein per serving.
  • Get all the taste of a “cheat meal” for only 100 calories.
  • 100% all-natural ingredients. Easily digestible even for the most sensitive of stomachs.

Retail Price: $94.99

Chocolate Brownie Vegan Plant-Based Protein

  • 22g of 100% Plant-Based Protein per serving.
  • Satisfy your sweet tooth without the guilt (0 Sugar). 
  • Feel unstoppable with the energy and stamina boosting vitamins and minerals.
  • Supports fat loss, builds lean muscle, and tastes delicious.
  • Only 110 calories per serving.
  • Recover faster and combat inflammation.

Retail Price: $94.99

Everyday Energy

  • Each scoop is formulated to increase energy, focus, and performance.
  • Supercharge your brain and body with it’s cutting-edge nootropic blend.
  • Calm, clear focus without the god-awful jitters.
  • The ultimate no-crash pre-workout.
  • ZERO sugar, carbs or calories.
  • Each serving is packed with 125mg of all-natural clean caffeine.

Retail Price: $36.49


  • Formulated to help you rest, recover, and wake up full of energy.
  • Non Habit Forming All Natural Sleep Aid.
  • Restful sleep can support all-natural hormone optimization.
  • Neutralize caffeine.
  • Wake up recharged.
  • Clear up brain-fog as you get deep through the night.

Retail Price: $44.99

Fish Oil

  • Get the ultimate 1-2 punch of healthy omega-3 fatty acids (Fish and Krill)
  • All-natural way to help increase testosterone production.
  • Support healthy joints, brain, heart and eye function.
  • 30 servings of 100% clean and pure ingredients. ZERO Fish Burp
  • Enhance muscular performance and recovery.
  • Reduce post-workout soreness. 

Retail Price: $44.99


  • Contains 100% of recommended vitamins and minerals.
  • Fast absorption.
  • Promote healthy weight, increased energy and healthy skin and nails!
  • Easy to swallow.
  • 0 calories.
  • Reduce symptoms of stress, depression, and anxiety symptoms.

Retail Price: $44.99

Wellness Shot

  • Turbocharge your immune system.
  • Combat inflammation.
  • Aids in healthy digestion.
  • Tastes delicious.
  • Supercharge your energy supply.
  • ZERO sugar and artificial ingredients.

Retail Price: $51.99

Ageless Super Greens

  • Revitalize your body with our delicious tasting, Super Greens.
  • Fight inflammation and increase your energy with a single serving.
  • Have 3 whole pounds of body revitalizing veggies in 30 seconds or less
  • Just one micronutrient dense scoop of these greens will revitalize your whole day!
  • Helps accelerate your recovery time (aka: fight inflammation). 
  • Skyrocket energy levels!

Retail Price: $46.99

Real People. Real Results. Real Reviews.

These greens taste amazing! My doctor wants me taking greens everyday, but I never liked the taste of other greens on the market. These greens taste great and compliment the vegan chocolate protein powder perfectly when simply mixed together with water. Thanks so much for this product!

Pete S.

Ageless Super Greens

This protein is golden!! It’s by far the best I’ve had.

Justin S.

Premium Protein

Everyday energy is my go to drink prior to working out. Helps give me a push with no crazy side effects or crashes. 

Jonathan B.

Everyday Energy

Let Me Ask You This Real Quick...

How much would it be worth to you to operate in peak performance as if you were in the special forces like a Navy SEAL?

How much would it be worth to you to never tumble backwards again, “slip up” or fall off the wagon because your body has the fuel it needs to transform itself into a fat furnace incinerator?

How much would it be worth to you to know that every day you’re stepping closer and closer to a body that you can be proud of?


To accelerate your fat burn, gains, and jaw-dropping results. $5,000? $10,000 $25,000? 

Could you even put a number on it?

Well, don’t worry you won’t pay anything close to that.

In fact, to experience all this, you won’t even have to pay anything near what you’re thinking.

To reclaim your body that was stolen from you… and… to operate in peak performance to accelerate your results... in less time... you can get the Battle Ready Peak Performance Bundle today for 50% off.

The Battle Ready Peak Performance Bundle


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45-Day Money-Back Guarantee 

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You have nothing to lose besides stubborn body fat trying out the Battle Ready Peak Performance Bundle. You’ll be protected by our 45-day money-back guarantee.

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By now... you’ve figured out how to transform your body into a fat furnace incinerator… and… create an eye-catching physique that has a demanding presence when you walk into a room.

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Maybe something like this happened to you too.

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I'm sure you'll make a wise choice.

The Battle Ready Peak Performance Bundle


$248.44 Today Only SAVE 50%

Retail Price: $496.88

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