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Honestly the best tasting, cleanest immunity boost I’ve ever tried. These wellness shots have become part of my daily routine to stay healthy!


This is a welcomed necessity for me. I am a Fibromyalgia sufferer & Turmeric has anti-inflammatory qualities. The taste is great & I love ginger so this is a win win for me. I work in the school system as a secretary so the immunity Boost is perfect protection for me!!


These are so good! I love the citrus flavor of these wellness shots. I have some auto immune issues, and love that this will help with inflammation besides all the other health benefits and vitamins.

9 Immune Boosting



  • SAFE for the whole family! Easy to take it anywhere! Great for back to school, travel, busy moms and anyone on the go!

  • AMAZING CITRUS TASTE with all natural ingredients that you can feel working right away!

  • NO SUGAR AND NO ARTIFICIAL INGREDIENTS - Wholesome and half the cost of a juice bar immune shot with a full 30 day supply. 

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Are You Doing Everything You Can To Support Your Immune System?

Maybe you’ve tried a vitamin C immune booster in the past but did you know the leading “immune boosters” are packed full of dangerous amounts of sugar and the lowest quality of vitamins?

TRULEAN’S 9 In 1 Daily Immune Support Wellness Shot Is A Great Tasting SUGAR FREE Vitamin Drink That REALLY WORKS And It Tastes Amazing!

Take one packet daily and FEEL it working!

Take TWO packets at first sign of sickness and watch the symptoms disappear!

You might be skeptical about another immunity product on the market claiming to be the best … I don’t want you to take our word for it … just take a look at a few of these reviews …

Kim - Mom, United States Air Force Pilot

“I love the taste, I feel like it gives me extra immunity boost, I like to take it in the morning and I feel like it wakes me up! I don’t take vitamins (I think most vitamins that people take they just pee out!) in my mind with it being a powder I feel like it works better than a pill. Being in confined quarters with people at work and in the airplane, I feel like it gives me a little more immunity!”

Say NO To The Sugar And Boost Your Immune System While Lowering Harmful Inflammation With The #1 Immunity Product. 

Each single serving daily immune booster is packed with…

Vitamin C

The first one is probably no surprise to you, it’s Vitamin C. Vitamin C plays a critical role in overall health and proper immune function -- packed full of antioxidants Vitamin C protects your body at the cellular level by helping your body detoxify free radicals that increase the chance of illness and infection. But don’t trust those fizzy vitamin C drinks that also have sugar in them. You see, sugar reduces the absorption and effectiveness of Vitamin C so your body really isn't getting all the vitamin C that you need. But Vitamin C alone isn’t enough.

Vitamin D

The second immune boosting nutrient is the sunshine vitamin, Vitamin D which we’ve heard so much about in the news lately. With so many people spending most of their time indoors these days we are seriously deficient in Vitamin D which in addition to being fundamental to your immune health is also responsible for strong bones. And strong bones and a strong immune system are a good thing! 


The third immune boosting nutrient I discovered is ginger, a root vegetable that has been used in eastern cultures for thousands of years for it’s healing properties and to stimulate proper digestion..  But did you know that ginger is also a powerful anti-inflammatory and acts as an antibacterial that has been found to inhibit the growth of pathogens, viruses and bacteria in the body? It’s no wonder ginger has been touted for its healing properties for thousands of years.


The fourth immune boosting nutrient is Zinc. Zinc is actually a mineral and is known to ZAP sickness! Zinc plays an important role in inflammatory response and keeping your cells healthy. Plus Zinc significantly shortens the lifespan of cold or flu symptoms so it’s definitely an important mineral if you want to keep yourself healthy year round.


The fifth nutrient is echinacea.  A healing herb, echinacea is a powerful antioxidant commonly used to speed recovery, fight infection and improve overall immune function. Echinacea is an adaptogenic herb - which means it counteracts the effects of stress in the body. Stress causes very real physical changes in the body, including harming the neurological and immune systems. Numerous studies have found that this herb may also be linked to lowering blood sugar levels, reducing anxiety and fighting harmful inflammation. 

Vitamin B12

The sixth immune boosting nutrient is vitamin B12. Found in animal products such as fish, meat, chicken and milk vitamin b12 This plays a vital role in nerve tissue health, brain and memory function and helps boost energy levels. 


The seventh immune boosting nutrient is a special herb called Astragalus. Astragalus is one of 50 fundamental herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine that has been used for centuries to promote overall health. This flowering herb has been linked to several health benefits, including immune-boosting, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory effects. New research also shows that Astragalus may also improve chronic fatigue and seasonal allergies.


The 8th immune boosting nutrient is Turmeric. Knows as the The ROOT that cures, Turmeric is a A highly potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory root. Turmeric has also been linked to improving memory and preventing and even reversing some age related diseases like Alzheimers. Turmeric’s anti-inflammatory compound makes it a safe and reliable form of pain relief for those suffering with achy joints. That’s a nice added bonus, isn’t it?

Cayenne Pepper

And the 9th immune boosting nutrient is Cayenne Pepper. The powerful ingredient in Cayenne Pepper is called capsaicin which has metabolism-boosting properties, aids in digestive health, and helps clear air passageways acting as a natural decongestant. When combined with the previous 8 nutrients I just shared with you, this is the most effective way to optimize and support your immunity health from the inside out.

Black Pepper Extract

If you are going to supplement with Turmeric don’t do it without this KEY ingredient. Black pepper contains a compound called piperine, which inhibits the metabolic breakdown of turmeric increasing the bioavailability. Basically it slows the digestion -- allowing higher levels of the healing benefits of turmeric to remain in the body longer. Turmeric supplemented with Black Pepper has a 2,000% Higher Rate of Absorption!

Boost Your Health And Immune System With TRULEANS Wellness Shot 

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What Makes The Trulean The Best Multivitamin:

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  • Supports brain function, eye health, and a balanced stress response

  • Supports glowing hair, skin, and nails

  • Is easy to swallow, odorless, and tasteless - and only needed once per day for maximum convenience

  • Comes vegetarian encapsulated for maximum bioavailability

  • Uses the highest quality ingredients to ensure you get a full nutritional foundation every day

  • Is third party tested for purity and formulated to be effective and safe for both women and men

And A DAILY Fish Oil Is Essential For Great Health:

You may have heard before that the omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil support long-term brain, heart, and eye health -- and that’s true!

Yet, you may not have heard that daily supplementation with fish oil can support youthful, healthy skin by... 

  • Fighting the effects of photoaging -- AKA aging caused by sun exposure

  • Reducing risk for skin cancer

  • Fighting the skin-damaging effects of allergies, such as rashes, redness, itching, and scaly skin

  • Supporting faster healing from cuts

  • Supporting balanced melanin production, which creates an even skin tone and can prevent the discoloration associated with age

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Save big with our BEST VALUE Household Supply and get 6 Boxes of Immune Boosting Wellness Shots for you and your whole family AND Supercharge your immune system with a 30 Day supply of TRULEAN’S Fat loss multivitamin and age defying fish oil.

Normally $377.92 take 50% OFF TODAY plus get FREE Shipping. 

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Free U.S. Shipping

100% includes a 30 day money back guarantee

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Most Popular

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We are so sure you will LOVE these immune boosting wellness products that we want to offer you a MONEY BACK Guarantee -- you don’t LOVE the way these daily immune boosters make you feel simply reach out within 60 days and request a refund -- no problem, no hassle and you get you money back! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does The Wellness Shot Contain Sugar?

No. Trulean's Wellness Shot is sweetened with Stevia Leaf Extract. There are no harmful added sugars or artificial sweeteners.

How Many Calories Are In The Wellness Shot? 

0 calories per serving. 

How Many Packets Come In An Order?

30 single serving packets, a full month of immunity support.

Is The Wellness Shot A Liquid, A Powder, Or A Gel? How Does It Mix With Water? 

The Wellness Shot comes in single serving powder packets. Simply add 1 packet to 4 oz - 8 oz of water and mix!

When And How Often Should I Take The Wellness Shot?

Use two shots a day at the first sign of cold or flu symptoms then use one shot daily for immunity support. The recommended daily usage is 2 times per day. Use first thing in the morning for an all day immunity boost!

I Am Breastfeeding And/Or Pregnant, Can I Take The Wellness Shot?

We recommend to always consult your physician before using this or any other dietary supplements while breastfeeding or pregnant.

What If I Don't Like The Flavor?

No problem, simply let us know you are not 100% satisfied with your order, we will gladly buy it back, no questions asked.

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