Everyday Fit Stick Pack

30 Single Serving Stick Packs

Everyday Fit™ Stick Packs

Burns Fat. Curbs Appetite. Makes Water Delicious.

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Renew your day with this delicious, appetite-curbing, non-stimulant mix that boosts your metabolism while hydrating you! This is the first ever water enhancer that replenishes nutrients & supports an active lifestyle WITHOUT harmful sugar or stimulants. Renew your day, all day, every day with Everyday Fit!

Available in 4 flavors!

#1 Rated Hydration Formula

Everyday Fit turns regular water into super water by making it taste delicious and packing it with vitamins and minerals to help you burn fat, build lean sexy muscle, increase hydration, and give you all day energy without harmful stimulants.

Electrolyte Blend +

Hydrate faster, replenish nutrients & perform better. 

Metabolism Blend

Support a healthy weight and boost your metabolism.

Premium BCAA Blend

Support and repair lean muscle.

Antioxidant Blend

Flush toxins and fight inflammation.

And because it’s all natural, 100% sugar free, and packed with everything you need -- from powerful antioxidants to fight aging, fat burning ingredients to help you shed unwanted weight, and appetite suppressing vitamins and minerals -- EVERYDAY FIT is the perfect all-day, every day water enhancer. 


Sugar/net carbs




Pure Ingredients

Everyday Fit Stick Packs come in 4 mouth watering flavors

All with 0 sugar!

Lemon Lime Drop

A cool, crisp burst of Lemon-Lime.

Fit Fruit Punch

Exploding with flavor, this will leave you double taking the nutrition label!

Tropical Pina Colada

A refreshing splash of Coconut and Pineapple.

Watermelon Splash

All the hydration benefits mixed with a wonderful watermelon taste.

Scoop, mix, enjoy!


Start with 8-16 ounces of water (if you like it stronger put less).


Grab one packet of your favorite flavor and pour it into your glass.


Give it a shake or a stir (Insert James Bond reference).


Enjoy and feel the benefits of Everyday Fit! 

It takes 15 seconds for you to pour a scoop of this natural water flavoring into your water, mix it up, & start sipping. And since this unique healthy water flavoring contains ZERO stimulants & ZERO harmful artificial ingredients, you can sip it all day long! 


Does Everyday Fit contain sugar?

None! Zero! Everyday Fit is sweetened with Monk Fruit Extract & Stevia Leaf Extract. There are no harmful added sugars or artificial sweeteners.

Does Everyday Fit contain Caffeine? 

No. Everyday Fit gives you all day energy without harmful stimulants, which means NO CRASH!

How many calories are in Everyday Fit? 

5 calories per serving. Everyday Fit contains 2 grams of Carbohydrates and 2 grams of Dietary Fiber, which equals 0 Net Carbs. You can view our full supplements facts HERE.

Is Everyday Fit a liquid, a powder, or a gel? How does it mix with water? 

Everyday Fit comes in a 30 serving powder, 7 gram packets. Simply add 1 packet of Everyday Fit to a glass of water, bottle, or shaker cup and mix!

When and how often can I drink Everyday Fit?

All-day, every day! Everyday Fit is made to be enjoyed with breakfast, lunch, dinner, on the go, at the gym, at work, or any time you need to hydrate. The recommended daily usage is 2-3 times per day.

I am breastfeeding and/or pregnant, can I drink Everyday Fit?

We recommend to always consult your physician before using this or any other dietary supplements while breastfeeding or pregnant.

Does Everyday Fit contain Alcohol?

No! Everyday Fit is a flavored water enhancer, but can be mixed with your favorite liquor for a 0 sugar, low calorie drink! 😋🍸

What if I don't like the flavor?

No problem, simply let us know you're not a fan of the flavor and exchange for another. If you are not 100% satisfied with your order, we will gladly buy back the bottle, no questions asked.

Drink It. Love it. See Results.

Or we will buy back the bottle. 

This is the Trulean Guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with your order, we will gladly buy back the bottle, no questions asked.

Drink Everyday Fit. Give Life.

1 bottle of Everyday Fit = 1 year of clean water

Every bottle of Everyday Fit purchased Trulean will be donating a portion of the proceeds directly to The Thirst Project, a nonprofit organization.