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Having a Hard Time Cutting Sugar?

Everyday Fit™ to the rescue!

Aside from the great taste, zero sugar and hydrating benefits Everyday Fit™ -- this water enhancer is specifically designed to promote wellbeing and trigger the habit of drinking more water.

There is a key ingredient in Everyday Fit™ that is directly linked to our natural reward center and chemically reinforces the healthy habit of hydration every time you have a sip.

Mucuna pruriens Extract -- “The Velvet Bean” -- is an ancient Ayurvedic medicine that has substantial studies that have supported its neuroprotective effects (it helps make your brain better).

It is high in antioxidants and a direct precursor to dopamine (our natural feel good chemical) Mucuna Pruriens Extract has the ability to cross the blood brain barrier and directly influence our dopamine receptors.

I’ll tell you why that is important in just a second.

But first… What the heck is dopamine, and why is it important?

Dopamine is our feel good chemical -- our bodies naturally produce this as a reward for accomplishment.

Finishing a Bootcamp workout and getting a high five - BOOM -- dopamine (along with a few other happy chemicals).

Pushing through one more rep or set… BOOM -- dopamine and the feeling of pride.

It is a chemical encouragement to keep doing that thing that helps us feel good.

The more we do that thing… the more dopamine we get… and the better we feel… and that is when a habit is formed.

The downside is our body rewards us with dopamine for ANYTHING that feels good so sometimes we create BAD habits through the same process…

Eating junk food… dopamine. 

Watching too much netflix… dopamine. Drinking sugary drinks… dopamine.

That is part of the reason it is so hard to break bad habits -- we are chemically connected to a feeling.

Have a hard time cutting sugar?

It is no surprise because sugar HIJACKS your dopamine centers -- short term feel good -- and keeps you chemically addicted in a dangerous and fattening loop.

But with every sip of Everyday Fit™ you are building a positive habit around drinking water AND rewiring your own natural feel good center.

Mucuna Pruriens Extract rewards your body by helping it fire just a bit of dopamine with every sip so you start attaching feeling good with drinking more water!

And because there is NO SUGAR, ZERO Stimulants, nothing artificial and it has a dozen other nutrients Everyday Day™ is safe to drink all day long!

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