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Signs of Dehydration and What to Do About It

Have you ever tried to use phone in Low Power Mode? You know, when you have less than 20% battery and your phone notifies you that it is switching to battery saving mode? 

The screen darkens, so you can hardly see what you're looking at, the internet slows to barely a crawl, and at any moment, you know the entire phone could completely power off! 

We've all experienced the symptoms of the dreaded low battery symbol and the resulting anxiety that comes with it…

Most of us rush to find a charger to plug into to use all our phones’ features. 

But, did you know this feature is designed to save your life?

You see, your phone does this to prioritize emergency functions like calling 911 so that if you need it, you have enough charge to call for help. 

All the "non-essential" functions like scrolling social media, surfing the web, or listening to music are turned off. All remaining power is saved to keep the phone powered on for as long as possible, just in case of that emergency call. 

The fast internet, music, video streaming, GPS, messaging, and of course our favorite social media apps are all powered down and until you plug in and power up… they just don't work as well. 

But, Did You Know That Just Like Our Cell Phone, Your Body Has A Life-saving Low Power Mode As Well?

Think of your cell phone's battery meter as your body's hydration level. 

The more "charge" you have -- the more "hydrated" you are. 

When you are fully hydrated, you have access to ALL the amazing features of your body. 

Lighting fast metabolism, tons of natural energy, and a positive and upbeat mood with a youthful glow!

But, just like your cell phone, when you don't have enough of a charge, the hydration in your body shifts away from the non-essential functions. It goes to power the most important stuff like your heart and lungs. 

Your metabolism gets turned off, your energy drops, your brain slows and becomes sluggish, and your very skin cells age and wrinkle. 

This is the effect of dehydration on the body. 

All those things that YOU think are important…

… Like burning fat.

… Having lots of energy.

… Feeling good. 

Well, to a dehydrated body, they are pretty low on the priority list when compared to the vital functions of pumping blood and air through your system. 

Without Enough Hydration, Your Body Is Just Like Your Cell Phone In Low-Power, Life-Saving Mode.

Now, the shocking statistic is that 75% of the population suffers from the effects of chronic dehydration.

So chances are, if you have stubborn weight you just can't seem to lose, you suffer from low energy or crankiness… more than likely your body is in "low power mode" and you're suffering from the symptoms of chronic dehydration.

The truth is you need a minimum of 8 full glasses of water every single day to operate at a full charge.

And you need even more if you exercise, drink coffee, or have any alcoholic beverages. 

Exercise further depletes your hydration levels and puts additional strain on the body, and coffee and alcohol are diuretics that strip your body of vital nutrients and hydration. 

So just like your cell phone, the more dehydrated you are, the fewer functions you have access to.

But more dangerously, it adds additional stress to your whole body, and you run the risk of getting "powered off"...

Chronic dehydration increases your risk for heart disease, stroke, illness, and even death. 

Now, unlike our cell phones, we don't have an easy-to-read battery meter to let us know when we are getting low on hydration… 

But this is the closest thing we have to help make your water a supercharger that can power an entire city!

Introducing Everyday Fit™! The Best Way To Get Hydrated Besides Water

With the next cup or bottle of water you drink, mix it with Everyday Fit™. The first-ever water enhancer that replenishes nutrients and supports an active lifestyle WITHOUT harmful sugar or stimulants. 

And according to a Colorado University study, adding this to your water is more rehydrating than drinking 8 cups of regular water.

Why? Because Everyday Fit™ has the key vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes, your body needs to stay hydrated! 

We created this so we could reinvent the taste of water and make it easier to drink.

Everyday Fit™ Makes It Easier To Rehydrate Yourself And "Break Up" With Your Craving!

It's never been easier to drink more water. You'll rather drink this than eat sweets!

We ONLY use all-natural ingredients to make water taste delicious:

1. Monk fruit 

2. Stevia

Our secret blend has ZERO sugar in it. This blend is 200x sweeter than sugar too. And it doesn't have any carbs or calories.

The best part about Everyday Fit™ is that it takes no more than 17 seconds for you to pour a scoop of this natural water flavoring into your water, mix it up, and start sipping. 

And since this unique healthy water flavoring contains ZERO stimulants and ZERO harmful artificial ingredients, you can sip it all day long! 

With Everyday Fit™, you'll find it shockingly easy to drink the 72 ounces of water per day you need for maximum hydration. 

Even if you DON'T hit the recommended 72 ounces of water a day... 

Everyday Fit™ improves the effectiveness of the water you do drink by replenishing vital nutrients that help you stay hydrated. 

Where Can I Purchase Everyday Fit™?

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