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Mother Nature's 
9-in-1 Wellness 
Support. image

Mother Nature's 9-in-1 Wellness Support.

Sugar free. 1,000 mg of Vitamin C. No artificial ingredients.

9-in-1 inflammation & immune support to give your body all it needs

to feel rejuvenated from the inside out.*

Hello hydration.👋
Goodbye cravings. image

Hello hydration.👋 Goodbye cravings.

Everyday Fit™ is a vitamin rich, electrolyte water enhancer.

Each serving of Everyday Fit™ can replenish nutrients and hydrate you 3 times faster than average plain water.*

Which flavor will you choose?

Trusted by experts.

Dr. Amy Shah image
Dr. Amy Shah
MD & Nutrition Specialist

With my busy on-the-go life, mother of 2, I know the importance of quality ingredients to stay healthy. This is why I trust Trulean’s Wellness Shot for reaching my daily vitamins.
Russell Brand image
Russell Brand
Actor & Podcaster

It’s a potion of pure wonder! It’s spicy, it gives you a zing, it’s LIFE itself. Try Everyday Wellness for yourself today, you deserve it!
Bedros Keuilian image
Bedros Keuilian
Entrepreneur & Podcaster

I can't go a day without drinking Everyday Wellness. It's been my secret to staying active and feeling my best year-round even with my busy schedule.
Snez Veljanovska image
Snez Veljanovska
Entrepreneur & Fitness Coach

My heath means everything to me. With the Everyday Wellness shot, I can easily prioritize my immunity and stay productive.
Your health.
Your helping hand. background image
Your health.
Your helping hand. image

Your health. Your helping hand.

Shriners Children's Hospital provides life-changing care to children who need your help, regardless of the family's ability to pay.

That's why we donate $1 for every active Trulean subscription to Shriners Children's Hospital EVERY month.

See what our community has to say.

Everyday Wellness™

Michael T. image

Michael T.

I suffer from acid reflux. Since I have been taking a Wellness Shot every morning before any food, my acid reflux no longer an issue. An added bonus is all stomach bloat is gone. This is by far the best product I’ve tried for acid reflux.

Everyday Fit™

Katherine M. image

Katherine M.

I love Everyday Fit! Especially the Watermelon Splash. I used to drink a lot of soda. Using Everyday Fit helped me kick that habit and get my daily intake of water in.

Everyday Greens™

Tara L. image

Tara L.

This is my first time trying Trulean Everyday Greens. I’m a person coming from having subscribed to AG1. Honestly I prefer Trulean. Not only is it cheaper but I also like the taste over AG1. It’s part of my morning routine.
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No membership fees. Plus, $1 for every active Trulean member goes to Shriners Children's Hospital EVERY month.

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