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Empowerment Over Emotional Eating: Breaking Free from Binge Eating

Binge eating is bound to happen with everything that's on your plate. 🍽️

So many little things can go wrong in a day that'll have you throw your hands in the air in disbelief. 🤷‍♀️

And if you have a busy schedule that demands that you must be in two places at once, of course, you're gonna say "Screw it" and reach for your go-to comfort foods. 🕒🍕

This is why it's super common for women to use comfort foods to cope with stress, overwhelm, or sadness.

It's important to know that beating yourself up after a binge isn't going to make it better.

In fact, it may make it worse and cause another binge to happen. 😣

We've all been in this situation: "I'm feeling sad. Cookies make me feel happy. Let's eat enough cookies so I don't feel sad anymore. I feel good. Now I'm regretting my decision. Why did I do that? I'm so stupid. Now I feel sad again. Well, who cares at this point? I'll finish the rest of the box now." 🍪😕

This cycle right here is very common for moms with busy schedules.

For many of us, we repeat this cycle because we know it'll get better. But that won't happen if another binge happens.

So the next time an accidental binge happens, let's not beat ourselves up.

Instead, let's take a step back to see how this accidental binge is a learning experience that you can walk away from a better person.

When you can take a step back and look at what caused the binge to happen, you'll notice that there was the trigger that went off.

By identifying the trigger, you'll bring more awareness to your mind and emotions. 🧠💭

With this newfound awareness, you'll then have more control of yourself when this trigger happens again. 🎯

This then allows you to respond to the trigger proactively.

Do you see how this approach to binge eating puts you in the driver's seat of your wellness journey? 🚗💨

Because if it was the other way around, your binge eating would be in the driver's seat.

When you're in control, you can choose to empower yourself to handle the ups and downs of the day. 💪😊

Always here for you,


P.S. Here's a little demonstration of how to bring awareness to your emotional eating the next time it happens.

"Okay, when X does Y, it makes me feel sad.

This sadness triggers me to feel bad about myself. So, I'll use chocolate to help me wipe away this sadness since it makes me feel content when I eat it.

I eat chocolate to feel better about myself.

So instead of eating chocolate bars to help me feel better about myself, what else can I do that helps me feel better about myself?

Oh... I can have a chocolate protein shake. So I get to enjoy something healthy while satisfying my emotional needs without any guilt."

Hopefully, by now, you can see how taking a moment to reflect can help you be proactive about emotional eating. By being proactive, you've found a healthier alternative to respond to your situation.

But more importantly, you've empowered yourself to be more confident, in control, and happy.

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