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Can You Burn Fat Faster with Everyday Fit™?

Ok let’s talk about “Fat Burning”.

The changes you see in the mirror, the pant sizes you drop and the number on the scale happen quite literally because your body burns fat as fuel.

This might sound obvious but let me break down how it actually happens...

Inside your body are cells, these cells make up your entire genetic frame...

Inside the cells are little mini engines called mitochondria -- these guys are responsible for giving the cells energy.

Think of the mitochondria as coal powered trains… the more fuel they have, the farther and faster they can go.

Most of us have plenty of “fuel” to fire the furnace in these little engines -- in fact just look down and give your love handles a little pinch…

But the reason we don’t convert all this fuel into energy is because just like a train… these guys are stuck on a track and they don’t have the ability to get their own fuel…

So to keep the train running we need something to deliver the fuel (our fat) to the cells and so it can be burned...

One of the best transporters of this fuel that powers all your cells is L-Carnitine… It is an amino acid that the body makes and can also be found in food and supplements we take.

It’s main role is to deliver fatty acids in storage to the mitochondria so it can power the cell.

The more fuel, the more energy and the more efficiency these little engines run.

During exercise your body needs MORE energy… makes sense right?

Which means your body needs a faster delivery of fuel… the faster the delivery, the faster the energy output and just like a train on a track the faster the results.

With every sip of Everyday Fit™ you are giving your little mini engines a faster source of the stored fat so quite literally Burn Fat Faster.

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