Is Gatorade Really That Bad?

Is Gatorade Really That Bad?

Sports Drinks are BAD!

Did you know Gatorade has 40 grams of Sugar in a single bottle!?! 

That’s as much sugar as a Snickers bar! 

While it may taste good and hydrate — the sugar zaps the body of essential nutrients, increases inflammation, rots teeth and can cause unhealthy insulins spikes. 

The worst part is excessive sugar is linked to developmental issues in children and the leading cause of childhood obesity! 

Sports drinks like Gatorade were originally designed for peak performance athletes like NFL football players to provide quick and immediate bursts of energy during game time. It was NEVER meant to be consumed casually — and definitely not intended for kids.

Try Everyday Fit™ instead! 

A ZERO SUGAR vitamin enhanced powder that HYDRATES better than Gatorade and has just 5 calories (from fiber!) with vitamins and minerals to support a healthy lifestyle! 

Everyday Fit™ is the best hydrating supplement on the market and is packed with 5 unique nutritional blends that help you hydrate faster, repair lean muscle, burn fat, feel happier and detoxify your body.

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